Term of use

Please read the Terms of Use carefully before you proceed to download, install and use Makihome. You accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Terms of Use when performing such actions.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1. Introduction to the application

Makihome is the application used in the SmartHome system of Makipos Electronics Co., Ltd. The application supports both iOS and Android platforms.

2. App Ownership

This application is developed and owned by Makipos, all intellectual property rights relating to the Application and related documentation will be solely owned by Makipos and no individual or organization may copy, distribute or otherwise violate the rights of the owner without the prior written consent of Makipos.

3. Account

To use the app, you need to create an account as per our requirements. All your rights and obligations will be based on the account information you have registered.

4. Access and Crawl

By using the Application, you acknowledge that we have the right to use the following system APIs to access the data on your device:

(1) Access the Internet from your device.

(2) Use Bluetooth on your device.

(3) Use the camera for Scan QR code.

5. Commitment to confidentiality of information

Makipos uses secure and encrypted communications to transmit and store data. We are committed to keeping all information that you provide us secretly or that we collect from you and not disclose to any third parties.

6. Information we collect from other source

When you login to our service in Makihome application or manager website use 3rd like (Facebook, Google of Apple), we only get and store your basic data to identify you in system. It include your name, your email address (if available) and your avatar. We only get it one time when you login to system.

We provide manual way to delete your account and personal data in our system. If you no longer want to use our service and want to permanently delete your account and personal data in our system, please login to app, navigate to account screen and press delete account button to permanently delete both your account and personal data. Delete account require manual password to process, if you login by 3rd like google, facebook or apple, you must change your manual password first, and then use that password to delete your account.

7. Fees and charges

Makipos commits to not collecting any fees from users on the Makihome application.